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At Maintain Me, we’ve taken the pain out of garden quoting. Our 100% online model means you can quote, schedule, buy and manage your booking online. Each of our customers can manage their policy completely online.

Garden Maintenance Professionals


In order to sport a beautiful, serene and healthy looking garden, you need to be able to maintain it the right way. Although simple gardening tasks, such as planting or watering is manageable, there comes a time when garden maintenance tasks start to pile up, requiring more labour and more time. This is where you need to opt for professional gardening services.

At Maintain Me, garden maintenance is our forte. We can provide you with a comprehensive range of lawn/garden services, clean up solutions, hedging, edging, weeding, etc. We have become a one-stop-solution in the Sydney area and have been providing industry-standard services for quite a while now.

For a majority of homeowners, gardening is always listed at the bottom of the priority list. Why? Well, that is simple; people simply don’t have the time or the energy to take care of each and every aspect of their lawn or garden. Some procrastinate till it is too late and an overhaul of the garden is required. However, you have to understand that not being able or willing to maintain your garden can ultimately end up killing it.

Why Maintain Me Landscaping Services?

Simply put, at Maintain Me, we have access to all the right types of tools and equipment necessary for commercial and residential landscaping. Our landscape maintenance professionals give your lawn or garden a facelift. At times garden maintenance can become a hard job, becoming impossible for you to manage everything. Then there is the question of whether or not you have the right technology or tools to ensure everything works out according to plan. Even if you decide to purchase some equipment, you will also have to spend money on building a shed to store those tools, making sure they do not get damaged.

These are pretty frustrating inconveniences. At Maintain Me, we have the experience, the diligence and the innovation to help enhance the look and feel of your garden in half the time anyone else can. All you have to do is sit back watch us clean and maintain everything. You can fix a schedule with us where we can come in twice or thrice a year, depending on seasonal changes, and manicure your lawn. You will not have to lift a finger.

Benefits of Partnering with Maintain Me

With us on your back, you can forget about unintentional gardening mistakes such as over-fertilising, low pruning, mowing your grass too low, pulling out flowers the incorrect way, etc.

Zero disruption. We get each everything done without having to bother your or create a fuss about anything. For us, your privacy comes first.

Our professional gardeners have a combined experience exceeding 50 years, so you will not have to waste your time or money on a gardener that needs constant directions on how to get things done.

We believe proactive preparation, which is why as soon as we the season changes; we take measure to ensure your garden remains unaffected, significantly reducing any seasonal damage.

Our knowledgeable planters and gardeners have the skills and expertise required to ensure your plants are handled in the most effective and safest of manners.

At Maintain Me, we have designed our gardening maintenance plans to be flexible and budget-friendly to ensure a more transparent and workable accessibility for our clients in Sydney.