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Below are some frequently asked questions and answers about our services. If you need specific help or

your question isn’t answered here, you should head to our forums. You can also read our

Terms & Conditions and our Payment Terms here.

Yes. Each garden maintenance session has a 2 hour minimum with 2 gardeners. It is easy to get a quote, and you can do it all online. Click on the ‘Get Quote’ link in the header, and follow the prompts. Quotes take about 5 minutes – that simple.
Yes. You can request soil, manures or mulch by writing your requests in the 'Additional Comments' box during the quoting process. These items are extra, and a team member will call you to discuss prices and products with you.
We offer our customers two great garden care options, an Express Service and a Premium Service. To understand more about what is included in these services click on the 'Gardening Services' link in the header, then navigate to 'Whats Included' from the side menu bar. From here you can click on our service options and read more about what each service has to offer
  • Tree looping of any trees where the height of the tree exceeds 3.5m or the diameter of the tree exceeds 20cm or where lopping violates council regulations
  • Tree lopping or tree pruning of any trees where branches are within a 1m vicinity or hanging over any power, service or telecommunication lines.
  • Pruning of tree branches/limbs which are located higher than a 5m reach and/or the diameter of such limb exceeds 10cm. If branches exceed a 5m reach please contact us directly and we will arrange a personal quote.
  • Pruning of tree canopy's which violate council regulations
  • Hedging the tops of hedges where the top of the hedge is at a height which exceeds 5m – appropriate footings are required for our ladders.
  • Waste removal unless requested and approved prior the the commencement of your appointment.
  • Cleaning up excessive pet waste.
  • Any tasks that will jeopardise the health and safety of our gardening crew.
  • Any tasks that may cause possible damage to a customers property, the lot owner/tenant or pedestrians.
  • Excavation or digging of any earth where the depth exceeds 400mm unless documents are held advising the position of any pipes, mains, cables and wires. In the instance documents cannot be produced a declaration will need to be signed by the lot owner/tenant permitting the excavation or digging to commence with liability to be held with the owner.
  • Service requests from customers that require a qualified tradesperson, such as a plumber or electrician.
  • The health and safety of our crew is paramount and under OH&S standards our crew cannot work where site temperature exceed 36 degrees.
We are cashless. When you book online we will provide you with a quote, and request your card details and collect payment.
No. none of our team members will accept cash payments. All bookings and payments are done online or via direct invoicing.
The great thing about our quoting process is that it gives our customers the control to self assess the work they need done and dictate the amount of hours they would like to hire two gardeners for. 95% of the time, our customers are spot on with their time estimations.
When we arrive at your residence will complete a Job Assessment which will confirm the following –
  • Your time estimate is accurate or;
  • Your time estimate is not accurate, more time is required.
If your time estimate is accurate we will complete works as agreed. If we indicate to you that more time is required, we will do this prior to the commencement of your service at which point you can agree to one (1) the following four (4) options –
  • Honour the existing booking time and quote and prioritise your gardening tasks to ensure we stay within your advised time frame or;
  • Request additional time with your gardeners (if their schedule allows they will accommodate you) or;
  • Reschedule the additional works for another time or;

We do offer a flexible 30 minute variation to the original time, so if you have scheduled in 3 hours with us and the job takes 2.5 hours than you will only be charged 2.5 hours. There is always loads of stuff to do in the garden so if you would like our crew to do some extra items please feel free to put them to task and get some additional items done.
During each maintenance session we dispose of waste utilising the properties green bin. In situations where there is excess waste or the property does not have a green bin than we bag up the waste in 120L heavy duty garbage bags and are left on the property. If you require waste to be removed we offer a modest waste removal service, to remove a maximum of 2 x 120L bags of waste per maintenance session. We charge $20.00 per bag and is quoted at the end of your maintenance session. If you think you need waste removal please tell us in additional comments during the quoting process and we will contact you to discuss further.
Yes. Delivering on our customers expectations along with the safety of our crew are paramount. Heavy rain can affect the quality of our work, and heat that exceeds 36 degrees can affect the health and safety of our crew, in these cases we may reschedule your job. We will usually let you know the day before based on weather forecasts.
No. We bring everything with us.
No. Our teams are only available Monday - Friday.
No, it’s totally up to you. The majority of our customers are not home while our gardeners are working their magic but they’re equally comfortable with you being there. If you need to brief our gardeners with very specific instructions than we do recommend you being there if this is your first session.
In relation to cancellations we do appreciate as much notice as possible, please call us on (02) 8776 3050 or email help@maintainme.com.au Cancellation fees do apply if you cancel your appointment after 5pm the day prior to your appointment - 1 hour service fee will apply ($154). Our administration office hours are 9:00am - 5:00pm, all cancellations must be received before 5pm, the day prior to our offices closing. Any cancellations received after 5:00pm will not be picked up until 9:00am the following morning, and will result in our teams attending your site (especially for appointments booked between 7:30am and 10:00am). In these instances, a cancellation fee of 1 hours service or $154 will be passed. IMPORTANT NOTE: Cancellations made via SMS outside of business administration hours (5:00pm - 9:00am) will NOT be seen or communicated with.


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