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 Garden Landscaping

Analysing the landscape that we have to work with and identifying priorities - especially in terms of how the garden will work for our clients - is the first stage of any landscaping design project. Every garden should express individuality, passion and the individual's unique interpretation of the space. Maintain Me adds the client's garden landscaping vision into this interpretation to encourage a sense of ownership and interest in developing and looking after the garden that has been created for them.


 Our Design Service

Analysing the existing outdoor space that we have to work with and identifying your priorities in terms of how the end landscaping design will look like is the first stage of any project. Every garden is about individual expression, passion and one's unique interpretation of the space. At Maintain Me, we try as much as practical to include the client's vision in the interpretation to encourage ownership and interest in developing and looking after the garden that has been created for them.

Garden Servcing Sequence

Landscape design starts with a call to 1300 077 159

If you are considering using our specialist garden landscaping design services, start the process with a simple discussion with one of our friendly gardeners. This provides an exciting opportunity for us to meet with you for an hour, review your garden landscape architecture and understand your design brief. This first meeting is usually quite relaxed, with a focus on understanding you and your garden. From there, we will send you a design proposal and fee estimate for your consideration. The landscaping costs vary depending upon the project size . No time to call? Send us a message! 

Starting your garden landscaping project

We love garden design! Our experienced team are highly visual creatures so that our customers don't have to be. We will transform your landscaping design brief into a detailed document with stunning 3D visuals. To start the landscaping design process, we set up a second meeting with you and your garden understand it even better! We will take soil samples, review the site's unique characteristics and take detailed measurements. With the details in hand, our creative team will work their magic to create your first design draft. 

Review, revise and finalise

It is a very exciting time when you receive the first landscaping design draft and it is not uncommon for customers to fall in love with the first garden design we have created. In saying this, if you wish to make any revisions to the design we allow for unlimited revisions as part of the landscaping process. This stage allows you to primp and prime your design until you are completely happy.


Once the landscaping design for your new garden has been finalised, the real fun begins! This is the stage when our specialist landscaping services commence and we get our hands dirty. Our expert garden care services ensure that all planning materialises into transforming your small (or big!) patch of green. We make implementation easy by costing out and completing the project for you from start to finish. We also arrange any necessary trades required to complete any aspects of the project that we can't complete ourselves.  

Ongoing garden maintenance

It is essential that our new garden gets to a great start, which is why we include the first three landscape maintenance sessions for all garden landscapes we implement. It goes without saying that a well executed garden maintenance program is vital to the future success of your garden.


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