General Garden Tidy Up

Keeping Your Garden Tidy

Garden maintenance is a year-round job, with lawns to mow, beds to trim, and hedges and shrubs to prune. Depending on the season, you may need a garden maintenance service to come every fortnight in the summer, or once a month in the winter. This will depend on the size of the garden as well as how it is configured regarding lawns, flowering plants and shrubs.
A garden maintenance service can assist in garden clean up, which can be a regularly scheduled service or a one off to spruce things up outdoors. This may include any number of tasks, including mowing, planting, tree and shrub pruning, leaf collection, weeding, watering, edging, mulching, fertilising and minor landscaping. These services are best placed to carry out your garden maintenance as they will typically have trained and experienced staff.

Why Maintain Me?

So, you have got a big party coming up, or you want to celebrate your kid’s birthday, but you go out and have a look at your garden or lawn instantly regret ever planning a party or a birthday bash. A disorganised and unkempt garden can radiate a gloomy and unclean feeling. There is no question that you may not be able to take the time out to do everything yourself, which is why Maintain Me is here.

We have a team of industry experts that specialise and impeccably excel in providing our Sydney clients with a comprehensive score of lawn/garden maintenance solutions and services. In the case where you are having an outdoor party in the summer and have no clue as to what you should do with your garden, just give us a call, and we can take care of each and every aspect of your garden maintenance and clean-up.

Reasons Why You Should Partner with Maintain Me

When it comes to tidying up your garden, do it everything yourself might seem like a good idea at first. There is no doubt that you might prefer doing your garden maintenance yourself rather than calling in the professional, you have to understand that this decision is not necessarily a wise call. Why? Well, mentioned below are some reasons you should consider scheduling an appointment with Maintain Me:

Resources and Equipment – There is no doubt that gardening tools and equipment can be costly, we are not just talking about raking the leaves of your garden – garden maintenance can range from weeding and hedging to shrub-cutting and general clean-up. So, you might need to buy a whole lot more in tools and equipment. Even if you do, you will need to consider storing them, which is another added cost. At Maintain Me, we are armed to the teeth with all the latest and innovative gardening resources and tools, which enable us to provide you with optimal, time-honoured solutions.

Plus, our maintenance solutions are long-term, which means you will not need to call in our professionals frequently. Of course, seasonal maintenance and clean-ups are an entirely different story.

Consistency and Reliability – In this day and age, everybody is living a fast-paced life, which means prioritising everything from top to bottom – and garden maintenance may not even be on your list of priorities because who has the time for it, right? Well, the fact of the matter is, to maintain the overall aesthetics of your house, there is nothing more important than having your garden properly cared. This is exactly what Maintain Me is here for.

We guarantee consistency and reliability and will do everything we can to restore your garden’s health – giving it all the attention it requires.

Landscape Upgrading – This is something that requires attention to detail. At Maintain Me, we have some of the best and most experienced people for the job. If you want to upgrade your garden, add another bed of flowers, plant trees, add a hedge or get some weeding done, we can guarantee satisfaction and get the job done in the fastest time possible.
Apart from gardening experts, we also have a dedicated team of landscape design professionals that have specialised in landscape design for over 6 years. They can completely change the aesthetics of your garden and redesigns every aspect of your garden, giving it a beautiful face-lift.

You Can Sit Back and Relax – Think of just how much time you will be saving by letting the professionals take care of your garden. When professionals like Maintain Me take care of your lawn, the only thing we will require you to do is relax with a drink in one hand. It is entirely fine that if you want to oversee things in the garden, but it is always a good idea to leave the most difficult activities like trimming, hedging, blowing, raking and edging to the professionals.


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