Priority Garden & Lawn Fertilising

Fertilising Your Garden

A disciplined and educated approach to fertilising is essential to creating a wonderfully healthy garden and lawn, that aside timing is everything. Priority fertilising is something unique to Maintain Me Garden Services and is included in our Standard and Premium garden maintenance packages.

Outside of your usual maintenance session, we set aside six key times throughout the year where we dedicate ourselves to fertilising your garden. A dedicated fertilising session ensures that we take the time and care needed to meet the individual needs of your garden.

There is nothing more important than to ensure the health and beauty of your garden. Sure, you can go about doing a few things yourself, but when it comes to efficiency and effectiveness, no one can take care of your garden better the Maintain Me. Why? That is primarily because we are passionate about enhancing the look and feel of your lawn/garden, we work in tandem with our clients to ensure a complete transparency of service, and we deeply care about what other people say when they look at your garden.

Effective and professional garden care is key to maintaining or even increasing the value of your residence, not to mention, getting a peace of mind whenever you look at your neatly trimmed, nicely edged and a beautiful garden bed.

Reasons You Should Partner with Maintain Me

Save Time
Modern living has forced people to prioritise everything from top to bottom, taking out time for ensuring your garden is properly maintained and fertilised can be something increasingly daunting. At Maintain Me, we can help you with all the laborious activities and tasks required to maintain your garden – mowing a lawn takes time and expertise, and we have both. We always prioritise the needs and specifications of our clients and assign the best of the best in gardening professionals to incorporate efficient and quality solutions. All you would have to do is sit back.

Knowledge & Experience
A majority of homeowners have no clue as to what type of fertilisers they should use in their gardens. Most just buy anything the retailer suggests. It is important to understand that a wrong product can damage the aesthetic integrity of your garden and may also kill it. You see, fertilisation is not always about the amount of fertiliser you use. Different type of products can provide your lawn with numerous different types of nutrients and use the bad product can end up killing the plant, which is a different nightmare because then you would have to de-fertilise everything, and that is both time consuming and expensive.

Similarly, fertilisers that are designed for slow-release can cause a significant delay in fruit production.

At Maintain Me, we have the diligence, the experience and the innovation to tell exactly what type of fertiliser your soil needs. We evaluate each and every aspect of your lawn; we analyse the type of soil it is, and the recommend the best type of fertiliser with the right quantities of specific minerals and nutrients that your garden needs.

Regional Expertise
Another reason why Maintain Me will be better suited to providing you with exceptional garden maintenance is the fact that we know how to effectively take care of the plants, hedge trimming, shrubs and the grass in Sydney. We have landscape design professionals that are profoundly knowledgeable in all types of soil and grass in the Sydney area, enabling them to provide optimal and time-saving solutions. A majority of people do not even know the type grass growing in their gardens.

Garden care and fertilisation requires a carefully executable plan, step by step evaluations and of course the technology to implement those plans. At Maintain Me, we have the resources and the skill to take care every aspect of your garden.

For us, nothing comes before your specifications and requirements, our methods and solutions will always be in-line with your expectations. Plus, we also offer our clients a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which means if you are not satisfied with what we offer, we will work for you for free until you are happy


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