Hedge Maintenance & Pruning Services

Hedge Trimming

Let us take care of your hedge cutting and trimming.

The use of hedging plants seems to be a tradition in Sydney with most homes having some formal or informal hedge in place. Hedges can beautifully frame a house or garden, provide valuable privacy or protect your garden from the elements. It then makes sense that many homeowners value the practice of hedge maintenance.

Maintain Me Garden Services has an experienced team that can assess and undertake all aspects of hedging and formative pruning. We can advise you on the best time to prune, the optimal shape and size for your hedge.

Our team is not only highly skilled and trained informative and regular maintenance of hedges, they also approach each job with an artistic eye thanks to our specialist landscape designers.

There is no question that hedges can play a significant role in providing your home with increased aesthetics, not to mention the fact that professionally trimmed and maintained garden hedges can also become a source of increased residential privacy. However, it is also important to understand that frequent hedge maintenance, as well as formative pruning, can become time-consuming and also requires a high degree of attention to detail and expertise.

This is where Maintain Me comes in. We have the resources, the diligence and the expertise to provide you with a variety of hedging and pruning services in the Sydney area, unmatched by not even a handful of our competitors.

  • Hedge Maintenance & Pruning Services
  • Hedge Maintenance & Pruning Services
  • Hedge Maintenance & Pruning Services
  • Hedge Maintenance & Pruning Services
  • Hedge Maintenance & Pruning Services
  • Hedge Maintenance & Pruning Services
  • Hedge Maintenance & Pruning Services
  • Hedge Maintenance & Pruning Services
  • Hedge Maintenance & Pruning Services
  • Hedge Maintenance & Pruning Services

What Can Maintain Me Do for you ?

First and foremost, Maintain Me has never compromised on quality and efficiency. We carefully assess and evaluate the overall needs of the hedges in your garden, and based on our evaluations; we appoint a team of highly experienced and skilled pruning and hedging professionals to do the job. Plus, we have state-of-the-art hedging equipment that guarantees a faster rate of work. We believe in quality over prices, which is why we have designed our hedging and pruning packages to be flexible and affordable for all Sydney homeowners.

Industry Experience

When you opt for Maintain Me, you are not just opting for a highly professional team of skilled gardeners, you are hiring a company that has been operating for a long time, has established its reputation as being one of the best in the industry and has always transcended client expectations. Our specialists, when combined, have an experience rate that easily exceeds 100 years.

We just don’t show up with tools and equipment to take care of your beautiful yard or garden, we come with a foolproof plan – detailing each and every step we are going to take and the solutions to the problem. We work in tandem with our clientele to promote and establish a heightened sense of transparency.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Apart from our reputation and the quality of work we put in, one of the other reasons why we have become so popular in the Sydney area is the fact that we listen to our clientele. We listen and note exactly what you are looking for, each and every specification to prove that we provide 100% satisfaction guarantee. What this essentially means is if you are not satisfied with our work, we will be duty-bound to work for free till you get exactly what you are looking. We do not just leave our customers hanging in the middle.

Expertise in Hedge Trimming & Shaping

We understand all facets of hedging, both formal and informal. With our expertise and the tools we incorporate, Maintain Me can provide you with neatly cut and consistent trimming off all the hedges in your garden. We know how to weed out dead and annoying branches that totally ruin the aesthetics of your garden. No matter the type of hedges you have, we can take care of everything from top to bottom.

Expertise in Formative Pruning

It is important to understand that pruning is an essential activity, which ensures the long-term health and shape of planted trees in your garden. At Maintain Me, we have separate professionals and experts that can take care of shaping your tree by removing unwanted shrubs, branches, roots and buds, so that the tree can grow into something healthy and beautiful.

Free Estimates

Along with providing our clients with 100% satisfaction guarantee, Maintain Me also provides its Sydney clients with a free estimate. You can gauge and measure all that you expect from us for absolutely free. Our representatives are always available to help you in any way they can.

So click here and request a free quote or get in touch with our customer support for more information.


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