Best Practice Hedge Trimming & When To Hire Professionals

green garden hedge with a heart shaped cutout The most beautiful homes in Australia often contain well manicured hedges. The best way to ensure proper care and a beautiful consistent appearance is to hire a professional. Read on below for best practice hedge trimming steps and when you should definitely hire a professional to complete the job.

The Way A Professional Trims Hedges In Sydney

Step 1

A hedge trimming professional will ensure your hedges stay healthy by keeping their trimmer blade sharp. When a blade is dull, it will tear your foliage as opposed to making a clean cut. These ragged cuts can compromise the health of your hedges. Prior to beginning to cut, a professional will look for animals such as cats, possums and bird nests. The hedge maintenance professional will take a plastic sheet and spread it on the ground beneath the hedge to make certain they catch the clippings. When they are done, a rake or brush is used on the top to dislodge any clippings and prevent an unsightly appearance.

Step 2

The hedge trimming process starts with a sweeping motion in an up and down direction to cut the vertical sides. To maximize exposure to the sun, the top is cut narrower than the base. If the hedge is trimmed too straight, there may be bare areas at the base. The top of the hedge is cut last. The trimmer is held at an angle of approximately ten degrees from the horizontal. This will move the branches and leaves out of the way. To ensure the top is straight, the line the twine forms along the top between the stakes is used as a guide. You will see the professional walking along the hedge and looking for any dips in the ground. These dips can make the line uneven. Prior to adding the finishing touches on the top of your hedge, the hedge trimming service will take a few steps back and look at it from a distance. It is much better to be cautious than to remove too much.

Step 3

The last step is finishing the hedges. A sharp, hard corner has less of a ragged and sparse look because there is less leaf material – a softer, more natural appearance is ensured with an edge of 45 degrees. The sap must be cleaned from the blades after the work has been completed, otherwise the blades will have a hard time making an efficient cut and moving freely in the future if there is build up. A professional will ensure the hedges are neatly and properly trimmed no matter where the home is located. This will provide ambience, curb appeal and help ensure your property looks good. Safety will also be improved with professionally trimmed hedges because you will be able to see clearly down the road in all directions.

When To Hire The Professionals

Although you can complete the above steps and trim your own hedges, hiring a professional is recommended. There are a lot of benefits to calling a professional to perform this service. It is also important to know when you really need a professional. The best ways to know when you do need to call a professional as well as the benefits are outlined below.

When Your Hedge Is Uneven

If your hedge is uneven, you should call a garden maintenance service. This may have resulted from parts of your hedge growing slower than others or maybe you accidentally removed more of your hedge than you intended. In either case, the result is often an unsightly appearance. Your hedge canopy can become full of gaps or uneven. Not only can a hedge trimming service easily trim your hedges, they can offer invaluable advice for promoting growth in the slower growing areas. Your hedge will not look good if it is allowed to go wild – hedges that are not maintained consistently easily transform into an overgrown mess that will affect the ambience of your home. Garden maintenance services will make certain your hedges are always neatly trimmed regardless of the season. This means you can enjoy your lovely yard without being concerned about maintaining your hedges unassisted.

When Your Hedges Are Not Healthy

Hedge maintenance services are necessary when there are health issues with your hedges. Soil problems and disease can cause a wide variety of problems. This is especially true when proper maintenance has not been performed. A professional knows exactly how to handle these problems and can give you advice to prevent these issues occurring in the future. It can be inconvenient if you require to replant a hedge, therefore it is extremely important to ensure the health and maintenance of the plant is upheld. A professional has the experience and skill to help the parts of the affected hedge catch up with the healthy plant. You will also receive the assistance and advice necessary to decide if replanting is the right option and the best way to maintain and increase the growth of the hedge.


Hedge trimming professionals are experienced and have learned the secrets the majority of homeowners do not know. Garden maintenance services can trim your hedges properly while providing the ambience your property needs. It is important to compare the prices of a few different companies to ensure you receive the best rates. This being said, in many instances you are better off paying a little more to receive a higher quality service. Also, chances are you have a busy life and trimming your hedges takes up valuable time. It is much more simple and easier to just hire a professional. Professionals will provide you with peace of mind because you will know your home looks lovely and your family will be safer. Hedge trimming is a lot of work, but must be done. A professional knows the right way to trim your hedges, making the service well worth the price.

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