Good Insects vs Bad Insects

Creating a beautiful garden is hard work. It’s a shame when that hard work is ruined by a six-legged parasite who uses our hard work as free food and housing. Of course, not all bugs are bad for vegetation. It takes some education to know which bugs are harmful and which ones actually help sustain your garden.

The Good

  Image of a bee pollinating a colourful flower



While not technically an insect, spiders are a great addition to any garden for their unequalled ability to catch and feed on the bad insects that might be destroying your hard work. Do not fear spiders; embrace them! While there are a few dangerous spiders, most are more harmful to insects than you.


Bees exist on this earth to help flowers grow. They pollinate Australian flowers and even make delicious honey. Heck, you might want to encourage bees to hang around in your yard, instead of swatting them away.

Praying Mantis

The praying mantis can appear threatening, but their presence in your yard is a good sign. They eat a lot of bad bugs. Even the younger ones eat a good amount of bad insects since they are so big. Plus, they aren’t generally too invasive.

Hover Flies

While not as beautiful as butterflies and bees, hover flies are one of the fly species that will actually help your garden. They fly over bad insects waiting to kill them. They also feed off of the nectar in flowers, so they help to pollinate your garden as well. Chamomile, chervil, hyssop, marigold, mint, and poinsettias all attract hover flies in Sydney.

The Bad

  Close up of a hand wearing a gardening glove cleaning up a garden



Not only do they look absolutely disgusting, earwigs will eat up a variety of different plants at night while you are sleeping. Even worse, they can find their way inside of your home if you’re not careful. They like hiding in gardens, so pick up the fallen leaves and other debris that might house them.

Yellow Jackets

Sydney is home to a variety of wasps. Unlike bees, these notoriously mean creatures won’t do your Australian flowers a bit of good. They will, however, sting you and your family members without provocation. As part of your regular garden maintenance, be sure to get rid of any nests that you find. Call a pest control company if you don’t feel comfortable doing the job on your own.

Fruit Fly

As the name suggests, the fruit fly is especially attracted to fruit. Unfortunately, this means that they sometimes decide to lay eggs in your fruit right before the fruit is ripe, ruining your tasty treat.


Trees are a large part of the ecosystem of a garden as well as the aesthetics. They are also a large part of the ecosystem of the entire world, providing clean oxygen. Unfortunately, they are also a tasty treat for termites. While they provide food and home for the termites, the little critters certainly don’t love the trees back. They will eat the trees until they die. If you’re not careful, they can reach your home, too.


Gardens are a beautiful thing. You can plant flowers, fruit, vegetables, and herbs to contribute to a beautiful and self-sustaining home. Of course, it’s not worth it if the entire garden is overrun by pests. The first step is educating yourself on which bugs are pests and which bugs are actually helpful. When you learn this, you can start a plan on how to attract the right ones while getting rid of the bad ones. The right garden maintenance will give you the perfect balance and a healthy garden.

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