When should I fertilise?

When should I fertilise my plants?

Customers often ask me, “when should I fertilise my plants?” my response to that is, “when do you feed yourself?” usually, when you are hungry right! Thankfully for us plants don’t need feeding 3 times a day, but they do need feeding 3 – 4 times per year – which is definitely manageable.  Plants are just like us in some ways, feed us with the right foods in the right portions at the right times and we flourish – happy and healthy. The opposite is also true, eat the wrong foods, at the wrong times and in the wrong portions and our health deteriorates – plants are exactly the same.

Before I digress any further from the question at hand, which is “when should I fertilise my plants?” my answer is this, feed them when they are hungry. Plants are most hungry for nutrients during their growing season and for most plants that starts in Spring (Sep).  They will also be hungry in early Summer (Dec) as your plants will need extra nutrients to help them flourish in the hot weather. And the last fertilising session will be in early Autumn (Mar), which will help them recover from the Summer stresses and coast them through the winter months.


To get the most out of my plants I actually like to do my first Spring fertilising session about 2-3 weeks before Spring hits and then an option one in mid-Spring if needed.

So there you go. As part of good garden maintenance, fertilise three times a year at minimum, with an option extra feed in mid-spring.  In addition to fertilising your plants will also benefit from annual soil improvement and the application of regular plant boosters. Contact us for garden maintainance services in Sydney.

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