FAQs - Cleaning

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You should supply the following items:
  • All purpose cleaner
  • Glass and surface cleaner
  • Toilet cleaner
  • Mop & Bucket
  • Jif (optional but recommended)
  • Oven cleaner (premium customers only)
  • Sugar soap (premium customers only)
No, it’s totally up to you. The majority of our customers are not home while our cleaners are working their magic but they’re equally comfortable with you being there. If you need to brief our cleaners with very specific instructions than we do recommend you being there if this is your first session. Alternatively you can leave comments in your online portal.
We offer our customers a great premium cleaning service option. To understand more about what is included in these services click on the 'Whats Included' tab from the side menu bar. From here you can click on our service options and read more about what each service has to offer.
  • Cleaning up excessive pet waste.
  • Cleaning shelves or areas which are out of safe reach
  • Any items which require ladder work.
  • Any tasks that will jeopardise the health and safety of our works.
  • Cleaning the exterior of windows.
  • Carpet cleaning, including steam cleaning and stain removal.
  • Moving items or furniture which are not within a safe carrying load (loads over 10-15kg).
  • Removal of heavily moulded areas.
Our wonderful website provides you with the facility to create a quote and book in your maintenance service. When you submit your credit card will only be charged on completion of the job.
No. none of our team members will accept cash payments. All bookings and payments are done online.
You are billed for the the time the cleaner spends at your home. Every cleaner logs in when they arrive and log out when they finish, we calculate the time spent cleaning your home and bill you accordingly. Our online quoting system calculates our cleans based on how many bedrooms and bathrooms you have and provides you with a reocmmended time. This takes the guess work out of figuring out how much time you need.
Yes. We wanted our cleaning service to remain adaptable to your needs, and because everyones needs are different we wanted to ensure we deliver on our customers expectations both from and output and quality perspective, for this reason our cleans are time based and not fixed. However, our cleaners do have a minimum expectation to deliver on key cleaning points, please refer to the 'Whats Included' tab located in the side menu.
Yes. Once you have arranged your first clean through our online quoting system, you will given access to our online portal where you can add extra items such as folding laundry, cleaning the walls or even the balcony.
We have a great systems and processes in place to ensure you receive the same great cleaning service from each and every cleaner. For weekly and fortnightly cleaning services we position you with a regular cleaner, monthly services we do not guarantee the same regular cleaner however we will try our best.


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