How to Ensure a Good Cleaner Visit

Hiring professional cleaning services is a fantastic arrangement that is mutually beneficial for both you and the cleaners. The cleaner gets to make as living doing a job that they love, and you get to focus on the other aspects of life that make you happy.

The world is getting busier and busier, and there are lots of things to do throughout the day. In order to maintain a productive and healthy home, it means that cleaning is also something that needs to be done of on a regular basis. Fortunately for you, unlike a lot of more personal endeavours, this task can be taken care of by someone else. Whether as a single worker, or a team of enthusiastic people, these hard working professionals can do any scrubbing, washing, vacuuming, drying, or dusting that needs doing in your beloved home. Still, these people are only mere mortals and cannot do absolutely everything.

Here are some suggestions to make it easy for your cleaners to do their job as well as possible:

Make sure your house isn’t too dirty

It is the Cleaner’s job to clean the house, yes. However, that doesn’t mean the area they work in should be absolutely squalid. Try and make a bit of an effort to clean as you go. Don’t leave dishes lying around all week, clean stains as they appear etc. Obviously, you can’t get everything, which is what the Cleaner is for, to clean the stuff that you missed.

   Clean house

Clean your home a bit yourself and the cleaners will take it to that perfect clean level

Let’s be honest, keeping a house reasonably clean and tidy is not very hard, it’s the state of pristine perfection that you want out of your environment that a Cleaner will provide.

All relationships are about checks and balances. Make the job a bit easier for the Cleaner, and in return, they will do a good job of the perfection aspect.

Do your dishes

It is not the job of the Cleaner to do your dishes. Period. When it’s time for your Cleaner’s visit, do not leave a pile of dirty, grimy porcelain sitting atop the kitchen sink. Whether you think Cleaners should take care of all manner of items or not, there are a couple of reasons for this statement. First, doing the dishes - particularly when there are a lot of them - can be a time consuming, costly job. Leaving this task for Cleaners means more time spent on work for them, and therefore more money to spend for you. Instead, we suggest just doing the dishes as you dirty them. Second, dishes are hygienic items, items that you use to eat food, and drink beverages. Unlike humans, germs don’t discriminate based on one’s role, so it’s best not to have strangers - even professionals - having the last touch of your eating accoutrements.

Dirty work surface

This bench is very unlikely to be cleaned

Regardless of how you feel, doing dishes is much more simply done by the person who uses them. No one wants to handle where someone else’s mouth has been, and Cleaners are no different. Next time the Cleaners are due, make sure that there are no dirty obstacles in the way of a good clean.

Tidy up

Cleaners are there to clean, not pick up after you. Think about Cleaners as any other person coming into your home. Having a miscellany of toys, tools, and other items wouldn’t make for a very welcoming environment would it? Most Cleaners will not tidy up an area before doing their work, instead, they will clean around each object, leaving uncleaned sections, or even damaging or sucking up items. This results in an incomplete job, and both parties feeling frustrated at the other’s inability to do the right thing.

Messy floor

How can cleaners vacuum the floor if they can’t even reach it?

Not only can scattered objects hinder the cleaning process, but items left lying about are always subject to a number of unfortunate situations. The home is your most private place and so it’s natural that you would keep your most valuable possessions there. However, often you are not present during the cleaning process, and generally, it  not a good idea to leave things unattended. If left out in the open and in the way of the Cleaner’s work, these items can be sucked up, damaged, or even stolen. Now, here at Maintain Me, we would never consider doing anything unbecoming of a professional cleaning service. However, we can’t speak for other businesses. if you’re the paranoid sort, perhaps it’s a good idea not to leave valuable items lying about where they can easily be picked up.

Whatever the reason, it’s best to not to leave your stuff lying in the way. Carry out a neat, thorough tidy of your areas, and you will be able to have complete peace of mind while the Cleaner does a good, proper job.


When you hire cleaners, you are inviting strangers into your home. Yes, they are professional strangers, but strangers nonetheless. When dealing with strangers, a certain level of respect should be practised. This will ensure that your Cleaners have no reason to treat your property and belongings with anything less than the consideration that you give them.


Treat your cleaners with respect and they will respect your home back

Aside from any practical ramifications, it’s important to remember that everyone appreciates a little respect. Cleaners are people just like you and I and deserve the same level of courtesy that we would expect for ourselves. Everyone likes to be appreciated, even if it’s in just small ways. Try to be as considerate as possible with your scheduling, and make sure never to waste your Cleaner’s time. Also, make an effort to interact with them beyond just paying for their services. If you are present next time you have a cleaning appointment, try to talk them or offer them a drink. Discuss things other than work, perhaps ask them about their interests. Anything you can do to make them feel like a person and not an appliance will go a long way in improving their day, as well as yours. A happy cleaner is a good cleaner and will naturally do a better, more enthusiastic job.

You play a part in a good clean

At the end of the day, Cleaner’s are paid for a service, but you also want your money to get you the right outcome. All in all, it’s really not too difficult to ensure that home is cleaned in a good, proper manner. Like anything, the best cleaners are those who enjoy their work and are enthusiastic about doing a great job. However, even the things most appealing to us can sometimes be brought down by irritating hindrances and unwelcoming personalities. Make your Cleaner’s job as smooth as possible and offer them some basic cordiality, trust us, they will give you a great clean in return.

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