Colour Your Garden with Flowers

Roses are red, Violets are blue, There’s sure to be a flower, That’s perfect for you. Flowers can add a much needed touch of colour to your garden, but there are so many to choose from. Often people will not even bother due to the sheer variety of choice available when selecting flowers. But it’s not so difficult. The trick to sorting through all of the options is to think about them individually. Think about exactly what you want the flower for, and look at each plant in detail. Flowers Blooming Here’s a list of things to consider to help you find the ideal flower for your garden:

What do I want it to do?

The first thing to think about is what role you want the flower to play in your garden. Flowers are all very different, and therefore can have many different attributes that make them unique. A Rose is a lovely smelling flower, but you may be worried about the thorns. If so, go for a Lavender or Jasmine flower. Maybe you’d like something that produces useful items such as a Sunflower and its seeds. Perhaps you even want a plant that can be harvested for herbalistic means? Take a look at Lotus or Honeysuckle flowers. Flowers are more than just a pretty face and can have many uses in and out of the garden. Also, landscape design can be a lengthy process, and it will take time. It’s a good practice to have all the aspects in mind beforehand and then start the implementation process.

What colours will work well with my garden?

Obviously, the appearance of flowers is still an important factor in its appeal. While the many shapes and sizes of flower can make selecting difficult, deciding what colour you need is a good way to narrow down the choices. Consider the existing elements of your garden to work out what will fit in well. Also, have a look at a colour wheel to get a good understanding of colour composition and compliments. If you’ve got a lot of cool colours in your property perhaps a red flower such as a Scarlet Blaze (AKA Red Wattle) or Carnation would work. If your setup has a more warm feeling maybe something cooler like a Lily or English Bluebell is what you need. The best thing about flowers is the wide array of natural colours that they exist in. With some flowers having multiple colours within its species like a Rose, you’ll have no trouble finding one that looks great in the spectrum of your home.   Garden Flowers Flowers can make a garden pretty as well as useful

What kind of climate am I in?

Of course, it’s not always just a matter of deciding what you want and going for it. Flower’s are living things like any other and need correct conditions to live and grow prosperously. These conditions are very specific and often complex, so it is extremely important that you consider where you will be trying to grow it. If you live in a hot, dry climate like Western Australia, then a Daisy or Poppy will be able to take the heat. Inversely, if you live somewhere colder like Perisher Village, then something like a Snapdragon might be the go. Sometimes though, you can get a bit luckier, there are a few flowers that are much more versatile and can live well in any climate such as Petunias or Dianthus. Wherever you live, remember that plants are affected by the weather too and have preferences just like us. For example, weather in Victoria is famous for its unpredictable weather and strong winds and rain, which can damage flowers, hedges and shrubbery, so to make sure you keep on top of your garden maintenance.

What form do you want?

When thinking about flowers, people often forget that a lot of them don’t just grow in bushes. Many flowers such as Blossoms and Bottlebrush grow on branches or trees and shrubs rather than leaves closer to the ground. While you may be envisioning a row of nice little flower beds lining your garden, be sure to read the label to ensure that you don’t end up with a great big tree pushing its way upwards from the earth. If you do, be sure to check out our hedge trimming and pruning services.   Garden As long as you choose the right type, flowers can grow pretty much anywhere

Think about blooming

One of the unique aspects of flowers is that they need to bloom. Most species will begin and complete this process in a trivial amount of time. However, a few flowers are not so quick. Species like Kadupul and Chocolate Cosmos may look beautiful but can take a long time to even look like that pretty picture on the box. But hey, maybe some of you don’t mind the wait. In fact, a lot of the appeal for some comes from the anticipation when if finally does, even when it doesn’t even smell nice like the Corpse Flower.  

Now go and choose your flower

Flowers are complex plants with a lot to offer, but they also have just as many things to take care of. Hopefully, you have a better idea of the kind of flower that will look great in your garden, as well as work best while doing so.

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